HR Investigations

A workplace investigation is an independent and impartial investigation into a problem in the workplace by someone that has not been involved in the matter before.

MSS trained HR specialists conduct workplace investigations with integrity, fairness, impartiality and respect with the objective of establishing the facts or cause of a problem and report their findings to the organisation.

MSS are focussed on preserving a good working relationship between the parties and maximising their ability to succeed in the future. 

When would an organisation wish to conduct an independent workplace investigation?

  • Bullying, harassment or sexual harassment
  • A complaint against a staff member from within the Organisation
  • A complaint from a staff member concerning them self
  • The basis for an incident is not clear. E.g. A pattern of absences
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Disciplinary investigations
  • Appeals of decisions taken by a manager

MSS will conduct  workplace investigations on behalf of a client, including drawing up Terms of Reference, corresponding with all parties, conducting all interviews and completing a comprehensive investigatory report.  


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