Training is recognised as an essential key to creating a successful team. Any training plan must complement the Company's business strategy by ensuring the maximum contribution and benefit to the Company. 

MSS has an understanding of how important it is to ensure the right means of training and content is identified to best suit the company needs.

As part of the MSS training service MSS will carry out the following:

  • Identify Training needs
  • Source appropriate courses.
  • Oversee & monitor training programmes.
  • Oversee a follow-up programme.
  • Secure grant aid where possible.

MSS will ensure that any training is cost effective and achieves its objectives.

The following are some of the courses that are available from MSS Training: -

The importance of Procedures
Learn about the range of procedures which employers should have in the workplace and how they support the Employer / Employee relationship.

A practical guide to Employment Law and Industrial Relations
This course provides a comprehensive study of employers' legal obligations in a practical context.

Managing People.
Participants will learn the skills necessary to manage themselves and others in a way that they and their Organisation will benefit.

Team Building.
Learn how important it is to select the right players for a team and how members of a team can contribute to overall success.

Dignity in the workplace.
Bullying and Harassment in the workplace is a serious matter, learn how to introduce protective policies and investigate complaints.

Conflict Resolution Skills.
Sometimes the smallest issue can grow into the biggest problem. This course will help participants to identify problems and resolve them in the most positive way.

Coaching in the workplace
Coaching is increasingly accepted as a skill all managers should have. This course concentrates on developing the skills necessary to coach an individual(s).

One to One Skills
One to one meetings are very important in the working relationship and often are not handled very well. This course focuses on Disciplining, Grievance handling, Appraisals and Interviewing.


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