HR Audit

In one year alone the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA) secured nearly €3 million in payments from employers who thought they were compliant with the legislation.

A significant number of employee complaints to the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court are lost because the Company did not follow the right procedures or paperwork.

Employers are required to maintain employee records, have written procedures, consult employees and allow representation in certain circumstances. Failure to do this will result in financial penalties if taken to a third party hearing.

MSS have an expert understanding of employee legislation and will help an employer avoid this by conducting a HR Audit. This will ensure they are legally compliant, have proper procedures, allow the company to defend any claim made and ensure employee relations are supported by the best procedures practice.

The MSS HR Audit will: 

1. Review the following:

  • Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Current policies and procedures
  • Internal records, employee data and staffing processes

2. Identify where the company is not legally compliant

3. Ensure best practice in all employee related matters

At the completion of the HR Audit MSS will provide a full report identifying any areas where we believe the company is at risk. MSS will make recommendations as to how best address these issues to ensure the company is using best practice and compliant with current regulatory and statutory requirements.

Can your Company afford to ignore these matters?

See what some of our Clients have said:-

 “We were very impressed with the professional thoroughness of the MSS HR Audit and the comprehensive report we were given on its completion. We also found the follow up service of providing updated documentation as a very effective way of implementing the changes we needed to apply to ensure we were compliant. We found the exercise excellent value and would highly recommend this service to any employer.”
John Cox, Finance Director,Marchmont Packaging Ltd

“We were very impressed with the MSS HR Audit report. It clearly identified the areas where we needed to adapt our procedures and documentation to comply with employment law and best practice. We would highly recommend this service to any Employer.” 
Seamus Mannion, Managing Director, Arkil Limited


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