Case Study: Financial Services

The Client

Following a move into the Irish market, the global multinational financial firm required the set-up of a similar company structure in Ireland. A full team with a specific skill set needed to be recruited. In addition the company was relatively unknown in the Irish market so some marketing of the company was required.

The Challenge

 The challenge was twofold, firstly although our client had an international reputation they were unknown in the Irish market. Secondly the roles we were seeking to fill were very unique to their organisation and the accompanying job descriptions were not user friendly. 

 With this in mind we set about promoting our client to a targeted audience, helping them to grasp the size and scope of our client’s global operation while at the same time managing expectation as our client’s Irish operation would be quite small in the short to medium term.  The next challenge facing us were the job titles and job descriptions assigned to the specialist roles .There were no recognisable similar positions in the Irish or UK marketplace .We needed to sit down with our client analyse the roles strip them right back to their core   and rebuild them so our target market would identify with the functions of the roles, the qualifications and the requisite transferable skills needed.

The Process

  • Analysed the job to understand the components of the role
  • Promote our client.
  • Assessed the fit and skills required
  • Simplified the role
  • Redrafted job title and description
  • Recreated the role for Ireland

The Results

We successfully achieved our targets in a difficult and very competitive market satisfying client requirements. The development of job descriptions for the Irish market was key for this project. 

Management Support Services (Ireland) Limited, The Courtyard, Hill Street, Dublin 1