Mediation Bill 2017

By MSS IRL Oct 18, 2017

The Mediation Bill 2017 has been passed, following its passage through the Dáil and is set to be enacted upon the signature of the President.

The Mediation Bill 2017 is set to promote viable, efficient alternative options to disputes, with the intention to ‘speed up the resolution of disputes, reduce legal costs and to relieve the stress associated with court proceedings.’

The proposed Bill will;

  • Place an obligation on solicitors and barristers to advise their parties to consider utilising mediation, as a means of resolving disputes between them and for parties to confirm their receipt of this advice to the court and their consideration of same.
  • Provide that a court may invite the parties to consider mediation as a means of resolving the dispute;
  • Allow for the suspension of court proceedings in such cases to facilitate the mediation process;
  • Sets down general principles for the conduct of mediation by qualified mediators;
  • Make confidential all communications between parties during mediation, including oral.
  • Provide that the parties to the mediation determine the enforceability of any agreement reached;
  • Require the cost of Mediation to be reasonable and proportionate and not linked to the outcome of the process;
  • Introduce codes of practice for the conduct of mediation by qualified mediators.

President of the Mediation Institute of Ireland (MII) speaking on the Bill, stated that “The Bill will make mediation more available and deliver better resolutions, at a lower cost, to those who are involved in disputes”. She also said that “Enactment of the Bill has the potential to divert many civil and commercial disputes from our courts and deliver major savings to individuals and the public purse.”

 A complete copy of the Mediation Bill is available here;

MSS have a team of excellent Mediators, experienced at helping to resolve differences through non-confrontational means. 

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